Fought & Company, Inc. Invests in Angle Line Equipment by Controlled Automation

Fought & Company has acquired, and is in the process of setting up the ABL-100HS Angle Line Equipment by Controlled Automation.

The ABL-100HS is the most versatile, and fastest angle and flat bar punching and shearing machine on the market today. The high speed servo motor, continuous probing, continuous clamping, and valve positioning software make it not only fast but very accurate. The ABL-100HS is offered by Controlled Automation with such options as, 143 ton single, double or triple punches, single or double cut shear options ranging from 215 tons up to 425 tons, dual shear machine models, a variety of length measurement options as well as part marking and stenciling options.

This new addition to our facility will increase production and improve efficiency, as it allows Fought to consolidate cutting and hole punching operations of angle plate and flat bar. Fought & Company is commitment to staying current, and competitive in our industry. Our investment in the ABL-100HS highlights this commitment.

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