Copy of Fought & Company, Inc. Invests in TAGEZ Pipecut NC Pipe Cutter.

Fought & Company was looking for a way to cut pipe of all shapes and sizes and Central Welding Supply provided a lightweight portable solution, that uses electricity and compressed air.

The TAGEZ Pipecut NC in combination with a hypertherm air plasma system is both powerful, and intelligent. The brains of the system is a control unit employing CNC technology that accepts exported cut patterns in .DXF file format. Multiple cut types are possible such as Fish Mouth Mitre, T & K Connections, Straight Cuts, and Beveled Cuts. In addition, this system accommodates a wide range of pipe diameters from 6” to 54”.

This new addition to our facility will increase production and improve efficiency, as it allows Fought to accurately and efficiently cut pipe in a range of diameters. Fought & Company is committed to staying current, and competitive in our industry. Our investment in the TAGEZ Pipecut NC highlights this commitment.

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