Fought & Company, Inc. Ships Steel for PDX Concourse E Terminal Expansion

Fought & Company began shipping out steel members for the PDX Concourse E terminal in October. By spring 2020, the airport will complete a six-gate expansion of Concourse E terminal, rerouting all Southwest passengers to the north side of the airport.

The five-year concourse expansion project—which will cost an estimated $215 million—is being managed by Skanska, a Swedish construction and development company and comes alongside a larger $1.3 billion project focused on the airport’s “terminal core.” Portland architecture firm Hennebery Eddy, in partnership with Colorado-based Fentress, designed the soaring, angled expansion, which will extend the concourse an extra 830 feet—longer than two football fields placed end-to-end—to the east, parallel the parking structure.

The project is borne, in part, from a need to rejigger passenger flow through the airport, essentially splitting the airport’s two most popular carriers. Currently, Alaska and Southwest are on the south, and that’s putting a lot of strain on folks who are using the security checkpoint for [Concourses] A, B, and C.

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