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controlled automation - ABL-100HS - Angle line

The ABL-100HS is the most versatile, and fastest angle and flat bar punching and shearing machine on the market today. The high speed servo motor, continuous probing, continuous clamping, and valve positioning software make it not only fast but very accurate. The ABL-100HS offers 143 ton single, double, or triple punches, and single or double cut shear options ranging from 215 tons up to 425 tons. In addition, a variety of length measurement options as well as part marking and stenciling are available.

Single-cut shear options

These units are designed to cut a range of various materials without material loss (kerf), providing for a more square cut. The ABL-100HS has the ability to process a large amount of material in a short period of time.

Double-cut shear options

These units are designed to cut the material, while removing some material as scrap (kerf). This allows the material to be cut with less residual stress in the material. One of these shears can also be paired with a CAL single cut shear to accommodate both types of cutting, depending on material size and type of job.

Punch frames

This ABL-100HS is offered with two punching tonnages, 115 ton or 143 ton, and customers can choose between either option. The punch frames are a closed “O” style frame, not an open “C” frame as with most machines.

Part stenciling units

The optional Standard part stenciling unit is specifically designed to imprint 36 alpha and numeric characters on one leg of angle and flat bar. The marking unit is built from a ‘O’ style steel frame hydraulic press with a character indexing wheel turned by a servo motor. With this unit one character is imprinted at a time, producing permanent marks approximately 1/32” deep. The marks are legible even after hot-dip galvanizing.